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6 questions to ask a graduate recruiter on LGBTIQ inclusion and why

The recruitment process goes two ways: make sure your future employer is the right one for you. Here are 6 questions to ask about LGBTIQ inclusion.

Graduate programs in Australia: why diversity matters

Workplace diversity plays a key role in the success of individuals, organisations and society. You may be surprised at how it affects you.

How to choose an LGBTIQ friendly workplace

Diversity and inclusion are highly valued by today’s graduates. Here are five tips to help you find an LGBTIQ friendly workplace.

LGBTIQ candidates: pros and cons of disclosure

The decision to 'come out' in the recruitment process is yours, and the decision may not be an easy one. We help you weigh up the pros and cons of disclosure.

Self-awareness: your greatest asset

How to plan your career with a disability in mind - learn how to use self awareness to find your dream job.

Six workplaces for graduates that value diversity

Graduates have a right to pursue rewarding careers without discrimination. Our graduates share their opinions on diversity in six Australian workplaces.

The best graduate employers in Australia for diversity

Want to know which employers were voted as the best graduate employers in Australia for diversity? Read on to see what our graduates say.

The value of an LGBTIQ mentor and how to find one

Mentors play a valuable part in graduate careers. Our expert shares with you reasons why LGBTIQ mentors are important and where to look for one.